New Kids on the Block

For the past few years Miami natives have been talking about Wynwood’s potential – “potentially as big as Soho,” “potentially home to the best restaurants in the city,” or “potentially the best place to shop for underground brands.” In our humble opinion, these possibilities are no longer tomorrow, they are NOW.

True, we are new to the neighborhood and possibly still a little star struck with our surroundings; but we believe that you will be too. We would like to use this forum to share with you all that Wynwood has to offer. Every month our team will feature restaurants, shops, and events that we think you should check out!

For our first blog post, we would like to introduce you to our new home: Wynwood Block. It wouldn’t be very “wynwood” of us to call it a shopping plaza or God forbid a shopping mall!!! Once those words come out, one automatically thinks of Starbucks or a Food Court; and this conglomerate of stores, galleries and restaurants, is far cry from your everyday shopping center.

Spanning an entire city block from NW Second Avenue between 26th and 27th streets, the exterior is raw concrete with an inner corridor that is filled with color from the geometric shapes on the floor to the painted details on the walls. Staying true to the neighborhood’s street art scene, the 18 retail bay entryways have been intervened by local and foreign artists with their own original designs. A couple of great ones are Mimo Market and Italian Independent.

Wynwood Block will add yet another layer to an area that is in constant change. A neighborhood that is already known around the world for its art galleries will get a large influx of retail options that will most likely bring more crowds. The Block has not yet opened (most shops are slated for Spring 2015), but we already have a few favorites – for high end foldable bikes, Foldway is not to be missed, for fresh and delicious juices, Juicylu is soon to become a local favorite, and for the most elegant and exquisite stationary around Wynwood Letter Press is a hidden jewel.

Happy Hunting!

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