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Daniella Batlle Crop Top ST10PO5S

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“Welcome to the magical and colourful world of Daniella Batlle” 

Born in 1984, this designer with beach blood has lived in many different parts of Colombia and Venezuela, from the sea to the mountains, by which she has had a unique path in her fashion design career. Her work is cultural appropriation in its full expression as she perfectly combines traditions, colors and styles from the different regions of Colombia and other places around the world

Her previous experience has been broad and non-traditional, which has allowed her to stand out in her latest collections. In her beginnings Daniella led a retail operation of a local beachwear designer, she designed clothing and prints for not-for-profit organization and she has wrote fashion columns for multiple national newspapers for many years up until recently. As a writer she has been able to hone her ability to identify major patterns in the market, analyze them and present her own interpretation through her creations.

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