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Especia Lola Long Skirt

$ 257.00

We are creators of experiences, we vibrate with colors and textures, we love details, we dream with stories and we inspire ourselves with every moment.
Especia is a brand that projects a sophisticated and romantic lifestyle with unique identity, represented in clothing and accessories for special occasions with a high content of design, craftsmanship and a unique experience in all distribution channels.
A Spice garment is always marked by a story that invites you to dream and build a new and unforgettable experience for a woman who seeks that special, magical and different touch that makes her feel unique.
The mixture of colors, shapes, silhouettes and textures seek a style full of exclusivity and carefully planned details with a high content of design and craftsmanship. Each garment has a touch of inspiration based on those spices that give flavor to life, unique essences that make women feel always beautiful

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